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Literary Festival 2024

Literary Festival 2024

Banovallum School

  • 11th July - Literacy Festival enrichment day. Students will do literacy themed subject lessons (such as business marketing campaigns, book cover misconceptions, alphabet bread, the science behind Frankenstein, Paris Olympics etc), complete a literacy trail map and conduct debates as well as plenty of reading towards the end of the day.
  • Saturday 13th July - we are holding a Banovallum Showcase at Horncastle Library 10am-12pm. Judges will decide the winners of certain competitions we have held throughout the year. Students will perform some monologues and poetry.
  • Work from this academic year will be on display for the public and parents to see. The Library Manager will be doing a 'Welcome to the Library' session.

See The Banovallum School website for more.


  • Date TBC week commencing 15th July: Performance Poetry Booknic. Parents, children and staff partaking in an afternoon of 'reading' whilst enjoying a picnic on the school field. During which, children from each class will perform their chosen poem to all.
  • 9th and 10th July: Theatre- Stage Performance.
  •  Y5 & Y6 children will be performing "Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies".

See the Huttoft School website for more.

New York & Frithville

  • A scholastic book fair.
  • Held a 'design a book cover' competition with the chance to win a voucher to spend at the book fair.
  • A share a story event for parents to come in and share a book (hopefully in the sunshine) with the children. They will have another chance to look at the book fair in the morning. A special performance with our children singing and signing 'What a wonderful world' for the parents.
  • 5th July - a poetry session for parents and children to share poems they enjoy.
  • 11th July - a virtual author session - Fantasy and adventure Podkin One-Ear special with Kieran Larwood.

See the New York School website for more.

See the Frithville School website for more.

Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School

  • 12th July - A Performance Poetry Picnic. The creative writing club are busy writing and preparing performances and the picnic will be open for anyone to attend (1.10pm).
  • 16th July - diversity festival - open to everyone at lunchtime and specific year 7 sessions in the afternoon.

See the Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School website for more.