March 2021 Update (revised 03-03-21)

Following the government’s latest announcement about the roadmap as we emerge from lockdown, from Monday 8th March 2021 both Frithville and New York Primary Schools will fully open to all pupils. Banovallum School and Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School will be operating a phased return for secondary school and sixth form students. Headteachers will communicate with you separately to provide details about the arrangements for your child’s school.

Plans for rapid flow testing in secondary schools will continue to enable three tests to take place at school, prior to the introduction of home testing. Further details about how this will operate in each school will form part of the information shared with you by Headteachers. Key documents about testing can be found here:

If you have any queries about the testing process, please refer to the communications issued by headteachers in the first instance which will provide further details.

Risk Assessment

Horncastle Education Trust believes that the safety and wellbeing of its children and staff are paramount. Following the government’s announcement that all students, in all year groups, will return to school full-time during week commencing 8th March 2021, the Trust is working with its schools to identify, assess and mitigate risks associated with the process. A thorough risk assessment has been undertaken, and we regularly revisit that framework in conjunction with the most recent DFE guidance, to review and assess the risks posed by COVID-19 for our schools. You can view the latest copy of our risk assessment here:

Trust Risk Assessment for Full Opening (PDF)

Our Vision: We believe that every student whatever their background has the right to flourish, to achieve and to succeed and everything undertaken by Horncastle Education Trust should have this ambition at its heart.

The Horncastle Education Trust comprises four local schools; Banovallum School, Frithville Primary School, New York Primary School and Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School.  The trust was formed from a genuine desire to work more closely together following the success of existing partnership work between the schools.  Having both secondary and primary schools that are geographically close is something we take a pride in as a trust.

The underlying principle of our Trust is that all schools are in equal partnership irrespective of their size, phase of education, length of membership or Ofsted category.  It is therefore our intention that governance should be as close as possible to the point of impact so that as many decisions as possible are made at a local level to fully meet the needs of students and their local communities with the support and strength of the Trust behind them.

Our aim is to create an inclusive and supportive learning environment to enable all learners to fulfil their potential.