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Horncastle Education Trust

LGB Quick Reference Guide

The grids below are collated from the Roles & Function Matrix.

View the Scheme of Delegation for full details.


  • To champion the vision and values in the school and to ensure the spiritual wellbeing of the students
  • To determine the educational and spiritual character, mission or ethos of a particular school (to the extent that it is not inconsistent with that of the Trust) in collaboration with the Headteacher
  • To ensure that the school has a medium to long-term vision for its future and that there is a robust strategy in place for achieving its vision.
  • To appoint (subject to Trust Board approval) a Chair, Vice-Chair and Local Governors with specific responsibilities for SEND, safeguarding, targeted grants (e.g. Pupil/Recovery Premium and financial matters related to teaching and learning staffing and resources
  • To implement Trust policies and where there are specific school policies, review and amend the policies of the Trust school (in line with any Trust prescribed policy)
  • To monitor a means whereby the Trust school can receive and react to student, parent and staff feedback
  • To establish and maintain a relationship with members of the local community


  • To appoint a Local Governor responsible for finance relating to teaching and learning staffing and resources, and targeted grants
  • To recommend the annual budget for the above to the Trust Board for approval
  • To ensure the Trust Declaration of Business Interest register remains up-to-date
  • To ensure maximum take up is actively encouraged for Pupil Premium and monitor grant expenditure
  • Monitor adherence to Trust pay related policies for their staff group (e.g. Pay Policy and Appraisal).
  • Develop and implement an efficiency savings programme in line with the Trust’s policy



  • To appoint a designated Governor for safeguarding and looked after children
  • To review and maintain a Safeguarding and Child Protection policy for the school (consistent with the Trust-wide policy)
  • To ensure the completion of the single central record and its regular up-dating.
  • To approve off-site visits for students of more than 24 hours
  • Ensure familiarity with duties as set out within KCSIE & Prevent



  • To undertake consultation, publish admissions and determine arrangements as required in accordance with the School Admissions and Appeals Code
  • To make arrangements for determining admissions and hearing admission appeals
  • To ensure effective arrangements are in place for student recruitment, including the prospectus



  • To adopt and ensure the implementation of a Behaviour Policy for the Trust School
  • To convene a committee to review any exclusion of a student [should this be permanent exclusion or all exclusions?]
  • To ensure effective processes are in place to monitor the quality assurance of behaviour and safety of students


Curriculum & Standards

  • To approve the curriculum proposed by the Headteacher (to the extent that it is consistent with the Trust-wide policy)
  • To ensure effective processes are in place for monitoring the quality assurance of teaching and learning, the curriculum, inclusion and the sharing of good practice across the Trust School
  • To monitor the KPI figures reported from the Headteacher relating to standards
  • To develop, monitor and approve the Trust School Development Plan


Other Student Matters

  • To review attendance and student absences (as part of the KPIs)
  • To appoint a Local Governor responsible for Pupil Premium
  • To monitor the impact of the Pupil Premium & Recovery Premium in the Trust School
  • To adopt the Trust Complaints Policy and the Trust Data Protection Policy
  • To hear complaints at the relevant stage
  • To ensure effective arrangements are in place for student support and representation at the school
  • To review the level of complaints
  • To ensure the Trust’s HR policies are implemented
  • To monitor and scrutinise the implementation of the Trust’s policies at the Trust School for HR matters including the appointment, induction and appraisal of staff, pay review processes and procedures for dealing with disciplinary matters, performance, grievances and dismissal.
  • To approve any changes to the school uniform, ensuring that proposed changes are consulted upon and in keeping with the vision and values of the school and of the Trust


H&S, Risk, Estates

  • To appoint a Local Governor responsible for health and safety
  • To review the risk register of the Trust School and oversee its risk report to the Trust Board.
  • To adopt a health and safety policy for the Trust School (in-line with the Trust-wide policy)
  • To review the implementation of the above policy and ensure that appropriate risk assessments are being carried out in the Trust School
  • To participate in annual inspections arranged by the Trust to review any health and safety issues and the security of premises and equipment


Information, Communication & Data Protection

  • To ensure the effective implementation of DP policies and procedures in the Trust School
  • To ensure systems are in place in line with the Trust’s strategy at the school for effective communication with students, parents or carers, staff and the wider community


Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

  • To appoint a Local Governor responsible for SEND and inclusion
  • To provide oversight of the implementation of the SEND policy within the Trust School and compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act requirements
  • To review the Trust school’s annual SEND Report



  • To participate in the process to appoint the Headteacher as requested by the CEO (acting with the delegated authority of the Trust Board) and to take part in the performance management of the Headteacher
  • To support the Headteacher in the development and review (from time to time) of an appropriate staffing structure for teaching and learning at the Trust School and for the appointment of Trust School staff to ensure that the school is fully staffed in accordance with that structure