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Horncastle Education Trust

Our Staff

Executive Leadership Team



Trust Support Services

We have an experienced support staff team within six core work streams who support all of the schools within our trust.

Trust Governance


  • Mr Michael Gill
  • Mrs Heather Payne
  • Cllr Fiona Martin
  • Mr Robert Myers
  • Mr Timothy Peacock


  • Mr David Bennett  (01-12-18 — 30-11-22)
  • Mrs Susan Brackenbury  (01-12-18 — 30-11-22)
  • Mr Paul Brewster  (01-12-18 — 30-11-22)
  • Mrs Joanne Casey  (01-12-18 — 30-11-22)
  • Miss Georgina Day (21-05-20 — 20-05-24)
  • Miss Wendy Ireland  (01-12-18 — 30-11-22)
  • Mrs Katherine Marshall (25-01-22 - 14-01-26)
  • Mrs Heather Payne (Chair of Trustees) (14-01-22 — 13-01-26)
  • Mrs Catherine Rollings (16-12-20 — 15-12-24)
  • Mr Christopher Waters  (01-12-18 — 30-11-22)

Retired trustees

  • Mr Andrew Turner  (01-12-18 — 30-12-21)

Support Staff Leadership Team

  • Miss Rebecca Nathan, Chief Financial Officer
  • Mrs Rachel Bourn, Senior Governance Clerk
  • Miss Andrea Brooks, Catering Manager
  • Mr Paul Bushell, Estate Manager
  • Mr Pete Hunt, Digital Development Leader
  • Mrs Karen Swain, Operations Manager

Trust Central Services Work Stream Staff

Mrs A Brooks Catering Manager            
Mrs K Beard Deputy Catering Manager
Mrs B Colyer Catering Assistant          
Mrs A Coupland Caterer
Mrs A Devereux Catering Assistant          
Mrs E Field Catering Assistant
Mrs L Hassall Catering Assistant          
Mrs H James Catering Assistant
Mrs A Lovett Catering Assistant          
Mrs V Lowe Catering Assistant          
Mrs F Rae Catering Assistant
Mrs S Roberts Catering Assistant          
Mrs L Simpson Catering Assistant          
Miss L Ferrier Kitchen Cleaner           
Mr P Bushell Estate Manager
Mr E Crawford Deputy Estate Manager
Mr P Campling Senior Estate Assistant
Mr M Dennison Senior Estate Assistant
Mrs A Gurton Senior Estate Assistant
Mr P Allbones Estate Assistant
Mr M Baxter Estate Assistant - Grounds
Mr C Casserly Estate Assistant
Mr I Jackson Estate Assistant
Mr S Jones Estate Assistant
Mrs S Wilson Estate Assistant
Mrs A Atkinson Cleaner
Mr M Baxter Cleaner                     
Mrs J Becker Cleaner 
Mrs R Bramley Cleaner                     
Miss A Brooke-Etherton Cleaner
Mrs A Burgess Cleaner (Reserve)
Mr C Casserly Cleaner                     
Mrs B Comben Cleaner                     
Mrs L Evans Cleaner                     
Miss D Fanthorpe Cleaner                     
Mrs J Fanthorpe Cleaner                     
Miss L Ferrier Cleaner                     
Mrs R Holt Cleaner
Mrs T Jess Cleaner
Mr M Kirby Cleaner                     
Mr T Leary Cleaner                     
Mr R Pottle Cleaner                     
Mrs C Waldron Cleaner                     
Mrs J Ward Cleaner                     
Mrs L Wilson Cleaner
Mrs T Wright Cleaner                     
Miss R Nathan Central Financial Officer
Mrs A King Finance Officer       
Mr C Brewster Finance Assistant
Miss N Vickers Finance Officer
Mrs R Yates Finance Assistant
Mrs R Bourn Senior Governance Clerk
Mrs J Phelan Governance Clerk
Mr P Hunt Digital Development Lead
Mr S Bateman IT Technician     
Mr D Shaw IT Technician
Mr J Turner IT Technician
Mrs K Swain Operations Manager
Mrs J Fowler PA/Office Manager
Mrs J Hastings Office Manager              
Mrs L Hawkins PA/Senior Administrator
Mrs L Moy PA/Senior Administrator
Miss M Spavound Headteacher's PA
Mrs C Cook Receptionist/Administrator
Mr J Downing Receptionist/Administrator
Mrs Z Farrow Receptionist/Administrator
Mrs F Hatton Receptionist/Administrator
Mrs S Helliwell Receptionist/Administrator
Miss R Peek Receptionist/Administrator