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Horncastle Education Trust

Governance... for Trustees

This extract highlights the critical role of Trustees within our Trust.

View the Scheme of Delegation for full details.

Core Strategic Function

  • Set vision, ethos & strategic direction
  • Approval of new schools joining the Trust
  • Hold LGBs to account for educational performance
  • Overseeing the financial performance and compliance of the academies and central services
  • Apply both curiosity and scepticism so that constructive and effective challenge is happening routinely at all levels of governance 



  • Communicate vision to stakeholders
  • Establish and monitor a corporate risk register
  • Agree the Estate Management Plan
  • Develop a marketing & communication plan
  • Ensure all statutory policies and procedures are in place and communicated
  • Ensure systems are in place to meet compliance regulations
  • Review the effectiveness of LGBs
  • Communicate levels of delegation for schools in difficulty
  • Approve safeguarding policies and procedures



  • Establish and maintain a register of business interests for the Trust Board
  • Review annually terms of reference and membership of LGBs and committees and their effectiveness
  • Appoint and remove internal and external auditors and the company secretary
  • Approve the co-option, appointment and removal of persons and Chairs to the LGBs
  • Elect (or remove) the Chair and Vice Chair of the Board annually
  • Approve the Scheme of Delegation powers & responsibilities
  • Approve any changes in times of school sessions, dates of terms and holidays and training days
  • Convene an appeals panel to consider appeals regarding decisions of the LGB panels



  • Approve Trust Finance Policy
  • Approve the annual budget
  • Approve the annual report, returns and accounts
  • Ensure that all insurances are in place
  • Inform the appropriate government agency if it suspects any irregularity, approval of any write-offs and other requirements of the ESFA & DFE
  • Confirm the appointment of contractors/tenders for capital building projects
  • Ensure that they know the findings of auditor’s reports/ recommendations


People & Leadership

  • Approve the T&C of employment
  • Approve staff discipline, conduct and grievance policy
  • Confirm the appointments of  Deputy Headteacher roles
  • Review effectiveness of management structure
  • Workforce remodelling and seeking and ensuring cross-Trust collaborations for efficiency and effectiveness
  • Ensure that LGBs conduct self-assessment and performance review
  • Appoint and dismiss the ELT, comprising CEO, Deputy CEO & Headteachers
  • Appraisal of the CEO



  • Ensure the achievement of standards, delegated to the LGBs, is planned, resourced, tracked and continuously improved with outcomes reported within agreed frameworks to the Trustees
  • Policies – establish, monitor and review statutory policies and procedures
  • Report where vulnerabilities are identified in relation to external reports and OFSTED
  • Review each school’s SEF summary report
  • Scrutinise the outcomes of peer review
  • Identify areas that would benefit from a Trust- wide approach including sharing good practice, learning resources &  approaches
  • Approve Pupil Premium Strategy & Recovery Premium plans