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Horncastle Education Trust

Governance... for Members

This extract highlights the importance of Members within our Trust.

View the Scheme of Delegation for full details.

Membership of the MAT & the Role of Members

The Trust will have a maximum of six and a minimum of three Members including the Chair of the Trust Board.  Members of the Trust have responsibility for appointing and removing Trustees. Members are best viewed as guardians of the constitution, changing the Articles of Association and ensuring the charitable object of the Trust is fulfilled. The Members are the signatories to the Memorandum until they resign or otherwise cease to be Members; and any person appointed under Article 15A (i.e. by a special resolution of the Members).

The Members of the Horncastle Education Trust have a different status to Trustees. Our Articles of Association will define how members are recruited and replaced and how many of the Trustees Members can appoint to the Trust Board. The Members appoint Trustees to ensure that the trust’s charitable object is carried out and so must be able to remove Trustees if they fail to fulfil this responsibility.  Accordingly, the Trust Board submits an annual report on the performance of the Trust to the Members.

Members are also responsible for approving any amendments made to the Trust’s Articles of Association.  While Members are permitted to be appointed as Trustees, Only the Chair of the Trust Board can be appointed as a Member.  This is to retain a degree of separation of powers between the Members and the Trust Board and is in line with DfE guidance. The Members are not permitted to be employees of the Horncastle Education Trust.

Main responsibilities of the Members

  • Signatories of MOA
  • Agree Trust's first Articles of Association
  • Sign master funding agreement
  • Ensure Trust's charitable objective is being met
  • Retain an overview of the effectiveness of the Trust structure
  • Hold the Trust Board to account for improved progress and outcomes
  • Appoint & remove Trustees
  • Appoint external auditors
  • Sign off the financial accounts and annual report