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Horncastle Education Trust

Goverance... for the Finance Committee

Our Finance Committee support our Trust Board to discharge our duty of care for the management of public funds.

View the Scheme of Delegation for full details.

Finance – meet at least once per half term

  • Follow and implement financial policy and procedures
  • Agree budget setting
  • Approval of levels of expenditure
  • Ensure financial monitoring processes are in place and advise LGB on aspects that need attention
  • Monitor building maintenance and estates management
  • Recommend to Trustees Board a business management plan / strategy
  • Agree a H&S policy, monitor risk assessment and establish arrangements to manage health & safety
  • Ensure all statutory inspections and H&S procedures and policies are implemented
  • Recommend all capital programmes
  • Approve H&S policies and monitor across the Trust
  • Oversight of pay progression and pay reviews and the associated salary forecasts for the Trust
  • Approve annual pay recommendations
  • Approval of pay scale reviews and inflationary uplifts across the Trust, ensuring adherence to legal and statutory requirements
  • Annual review of the Trust Pay Policy